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Save Me Chords

This is a song I found on the internet, could be better, but here are some chords, hope
they're correct. Please feel free to send me your corrections to
Bb/F  F  Bb/F  F /E
What a glorious...
Bb/D  F/D  Bb/D  F/D /C
To see you're not...
Bb9          F/C  C7  C
And I know
C/F  F  C/F   F
Save me...
C/D  F/D  C/D  F/D
Save me...
Bb9         F/C  C7  C
Save me...
Bb   F   C   F   C   Bb    - F -  C  -   Dm  - C
This part is really weird, and its kinda complicated too.
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