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Right Hand-a-rama Tab

The Network Right hand-a-rama
From the album Money money 2020
Tabbed by Liam
Tuning: Standard

I think this is the first Right hand-a-rama tab on the internet, c'mon

Green Day and 2 friends in masks, those words don't go together in a sentence but its
true and it's a great combination a weird techno Punk album hits the spot, this album
rocks and here is the tab that I worked out by ear. Best song off the album, if you
don't sing and play at the same time you should learn cos this is fun to sing and play,
I have my version of the lyrics at the bottom of this tab as well.

Really easy song comprising of two very similar riffs, just different timing of each

Main Riff (# means stop the chord from ringing out)

Chorus Riff (~ means let it ring. Play this riff slower than the main riff)


Main Riff x9
Chorus Riff x4
Main Riff x10
Chorus Riff x4
Main Riff x2

[ Tab from: ]
Im taking a ride to the liquor store
Im looking for a beer and a little bit more
Im gonna spend all the money she has 
On a new girl and a dirty old magazine 
50 cents cheaper than the real thing
Even though it may be a little bit disgusting
Cant call it a bitch, and it ain't got no trauma 
Its called a new sensation called the right hand-a-rama

I don't know why? I don't know why?
It should feel good most every time
I don't know why? I don't know why?
It should feel good most every time

All right, Pamela and her five sisters
Are giving me a bad case of nasty blisters
A thunder strike burn going straight to my head
I guess my pipes are a little bit rusted
Close encounters of the stranger kind
I got the heebie jeebies going 100 times
It didn't work out the way it was planned
All I got now is a beer in my hand

I don't know why? I don't know why?
It should feel good most every time
I don't know why? I don't know why?
It should feel good most every time

I'll tell you why, whooo, all right

There you go please rate this and/or leave a comment. 
I worked this tab out at 2.17 in the morning while my sister. Brother and mum are all
in bed and I just saw Green Day on Hit 40 somethin'. So im happy and I will be going
around a friends house later today, be drinking some lager, playing some guitar and
smoking errr well you know it aint legal and its green (you get the picture), my life
kicks ass

Don't you go hand-a-rama erin in public now will ya