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Lightnings Girl Chords

Lightning's Girl
E                                      D C E
I've told you that I'm Lightning's girl
                            D C E
But you keep hanging 'round
                              D C E
If Lightning ever catches you
                         D C E
He's got to put you down,    about six feet!
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Stay away from Lightning's girl
A                E
And this part of town
Stay away from Lightning's girl
A                E
Or he'll put you down 

Better stop your grooving 'round
Another rooster's hen
If Lightning ever catches you
He's got to do you in, in about two minutes!


Here comes Lightning down the street
While you just stand there talking
If I were you I'd start to move
And tell my story walking about a hundred miles an hour!

Stay away from Lightning's g-i-r-l
Stay away from Lightning's g-i-r-l...

by: Josť Duarte