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Korova Milky Bar Chords

Artist: Myslovitz
Title: Korova Milky Bar 
Album: Korova Milky Bar (english version) 
(released: July 7-18, 2003)  
transcripted by: teddy

School and work and death, I'll go frantic soon
Such an ugly day, I can't stand no more
E                     D         C#m      F#m
And I feel like scum, no worth, no luck, no chance
E        D             C#m         F#m
I'm just something like a mains device

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Mother Night, at last Korova Milky Bar
Cocktail made of grass, indoor chemicals
And I've opened up to time, to you, to Earth
And I love you all, and us, and Earth

What's your name, what stuff did you take today?
Panoramix Hash, acid Teddy Bear
The reality is like a huge black hound
Creeping silently to eat me up

A               F#m
Where am I now? Are you here?
A                F#m
I've gone crazy, I've gone weak
A                  F#m
My brain's drying, help me please! 

F#m 244222
E   022100
D   XX0232
C#m X46654
A   X02220

transcripted by: teddy