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Andrea Chords

tabbed by: tessa r

standard tuning : EADGBe

wow, i cant believe theres not a guitar tab for this song....

C, F, G, B  x2

C                         F
Meeting you was just so unexpected
C                            G
I guess I was scared of being rejected
F                 G
Since you were so nice
F                G
I wouldn't think twice
    F           G 
I'd give it all away
for one more day with you

intro again
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   C                           F 
If ever there was a girl to be engaged to
C                                G
that amazing girl would have to be you
F              G
Before we hung out
F                G
don't know how I lived without
     F         G
Your beautiful face
Like God's amazing grace

intro again

Andrea, I say your name and all that I can do
is think about the way you smiled
and kinda sorta held my hand

went out for coffee in what must have been the 
smallest town in Kentucky

Andrea, we walked together
down the dirt road by the bridge

then we sat by each other
talked about a few things

you looked at me I looked at you
before you know it's time to go

intro again

end on C

enjoy! :)