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Ok, I've tried tabbing it but I nevre actually got round to doing it and when I
eventually did I couldn't--i don't know I just couldn't for some random reason.
Anyway cos I couldnt do it I just happened to find a tab of it floating around the
internet, sadly its chords but I hope you like it. I'm gonna try and figure out the
tab so there will be a tab for it on here by me--You can hold that to me!!
Hope you like!! everything after the line is what I found I haven't changed the tab
in anyway,shape or form,sadly I couldn't find the e-mail address but if you do have any
probs I can still help(trust me I can,cos if I cant I have loads of guitar friends who'll
help ya out!) hee hee


"Serrated edge" preset on Roland VG8 or just
tremolo with dist, pick the verses (i think!!) 
[ Tab from: ]
AM Asus2


AM DM Bdim7 (e7 works just as well) AM

chorus: ("cant you see its....")


middle bit:

mess around with, E and Cdim7

then as the drums and stuff starts to pipe up its

A DM AM e7 DM AM (could have got the order
wrong!, but its just the same chords!)

Ok and that's it!!
If you have any questions or whateva my e-mail address is
(and yes I know that my e-mail address is to do with the chilis and not muse,but
even so,I still think that MUSE!!R the best band in the whole entire world and