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New Born by that wonderful band Muse (what a fantastic guitarist that Matt Bellamy is!!)

Ok, I’ve seen loads of versions of this on loads of different sites, 
and none of them seem to be correct, and the vast majority never have 
the whole song. Most people have the beginning to this song (the heavy 
bit)but the rest just ain’t there! So im gonna tab out the whole thing…
here we go…

Oops I forgot, drop d tuning! (bass is also drop d so that it can follow 
the guitar in some parts)

The beginning to this song is on piano. I don’t know how to write out 
piano music with all the notes and stuff, so if ya want it, you can mail 
me (addy at the bottom). Alternatively, you can play it on guitar. It 
actually sounds much better if the guitar joins in just before the singing 
to accompany the piano

Intro for guitar to replace or join piano…
A-------------repeat this a few times until heavy part--------------
Heavy bit

G-------5—x8-3—x8--4-x16----repeat this so it is played three times

Next the bass plays their part while the guitar does some whammy stuff, 
just make summit up here to fill the gap! Hehe! Again, if you want the 
bass part to this song, email me, I cant be arsed to put it here, sorry!

Now this bit is played real fast. Basically its just like the intro, but
the three notes played together. Listen to the song to get timing and
rhythm, etc etc. basically just strum it once, then twice lifting your 
fingers off the board slightly to give a muted sound. If you’re not sure 
of this, you can download a video of Matt playing this song live (download 
from KaZaA ), and you can see from that I think. Or just listen to the song, 
its quite simple, im not gonna insult ya by saying you don’t get it! Anyway… 
play this throughout the verse. Now when Matt sings ‘when you’ve seen, yeahhh’ 
(too much too young) or summit like that (when the tune changes slightly) he 
adds another chord in some parts. Again listen to the song to get the placing 
of this right. It stands out so its easy to notice. Im not so sure of this 
chord, Matt has a habit of coming up with these weird chords as you’ll see 
in the chorus, but I think it’s ok to get away with a simple power chord on 
the A string at fret 7 (I think you can work that out, just listen to the song). 
So when you play this quickly it should sound right, its just summit to break up 
the fast bits.  

So just follow the same chord thing as before…
B---8-7-etc you get the idea, just follow instructions above---------
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So now the chorus… now you can do this with power chords, just have a fiddle 
to work them out, but I find it more fun to do it like this. Plus it sounds
better I recon, and looks better too! So it’s a bit complicated, I don’t know 
why Matt does all this weird stuff… also, Matt uses his thumb a lot to reach
some of these chords, but you can do it without just as well… so anyway, here 
are the shapes and stuff, listen to the song to get the pace and timing right. 
I think its strummed half the pace of the verse or summit… ( I think 3 strums 
a beat)

D-2-----7-----9-----0—(slide up slightly here)-10-----8-----4-------

So that’s the chorus pretty much… so the solo… its just tremolo picking, but 
really, really good! Hehe don’t bother trying to play this solo as good as the 
song, you need all the wah wah pedals an stuff… plus Matt is TOO talented! 
Anyway it takes a bit to learn.  It works best with a 24 fret guitar, you 
have a bit more room to be creative.
So the solo goes like this… basically just pick these notes really fast. 
Put in a load of slides and use a wah wah pedal or summit like that on the 
second part to give it a bit of edge and make it sound like the song an 
stuff, but be creative with this!




Now the guitar goes kinda quiet until Matt sings ‘when you’ve seen yeahhhh’ 
etc, when he then goes back into the verse (fast strumming again) also with 
the extra chord, but until then you can add a few picked notes from the 
beginning (like the piano) to liven it up a bit. The great thing about Muse 
is that they’re imaginative – they never play the song exactly the same each 
time they play it, and Matt invents new solos to add a bit of interest, so be 
creative- the solo doesn’t have to match the song exactly, interpret it to 
suit you, ya know, make it as fancy as you like. There’s no harm in adding 
a few extra notes here and there. So experiment here- there are other places 
in the song such as the intro to the solo which is basically just a load of 
crap consisting of mutes and harmonics, again, if you try and match the song 
exactly then its not gonna work! Just make summit up that will fit, at least 
then you can develop your skills.

After this go to the chorus again, and then back to the heavy bit. To make 
this sound a bit more beefy, play it on the front pickups and maybe add a 
bit of tone, whatever suits you best. Play all the song on maximum distortion, 
possibly you can switch to clean with the use of a pedal for the extra bar chord 
in the verse, it sounds better like that and not so messy.

So there you go. I know its correct as I’ve seen Matt play it like and ive 
tried hard to stick to how he plays it. It takes practice to play it well, 
so keep at it!

Any questions, comments or requests for other little bits of this song of 
other muse songs, email me at And 
don’t tell me that this isn’t correct, because it is. If it doesn’t sound 
right, look at it again and practice!