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Feeling Good Tab

This whole tab is in Drop D Tuning, so don’t bother using any other strings except your 3 closest to you, I never bothered to learn the string names! Lol by the way, this be my first tab I’ve actually sent to any website. Give me some credibility if it’s any use to you…

Feeling Good
Origin Of Symmetry

Riff 1

G |-5---5-3---3-1---1-0
B |-5---5-3---3-1---1-0
E |-5---5-3---3-1---1-0---3-0-3-

Riff 2						 Cut here
G |-5---5-3---3-2---2-0----10---10-8---8-7---7-(5)---10-10-10-10-11-12
B |-5---5-3---3-2---2-0----10---10-8---8-7---7-(5)---10-10-10-10-11-12
E |-5---5-3---3-2---2-0----10---10-8---8-7---7-(5)---10-10-10-10-11-12

Riff 3
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G |-10---10-9-8-7---7-6-5-3---3-1---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0    repeat 0 
B |-10---10-9-8-7---7-6-5-3---3-1---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0    power
E |-10---10-9-8-7---7-6-5-3---3-1---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0    chord
							    X Times

Basically it goes…

Riff 1 x 2
Riff 2 x1

Riff 1 x 3
Riff 2 until ‘cut here point’
Riff 3 x 1

If this hasn’t be posted the way I want it, then 
for the change over between riffs 2 and 3, 
play around with the 'cut here point,' u’ll soon get it.

I posted this because there isn’t a tab for the chorus of this 
damn song and took me hours to figure it out, 
with the help of my friend matty

Comments, corrections, and all that bollocks to...

Big thanx to Matty