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Orange Sky Chords

Orange Sky
Alexi Murdoch

A beautiful song, and insanely easy song chord-wise, but itÕll take some time to really get the spirit of it downÉ listen to the recording for the subtleties.

Capo at 2nd fret

**For intro and all verses:
alternate between C and F (pull off 5th string in the C chord to replicate the recording)
Well I had a dream I
Stood beneath an Orange Sky
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**For the bridge progression is:
Am           G                        F
But sister you know IÕm so weary
Am                    G                        F
And you know sister, my hearts been broken 
Am              G                                   F                             C               F
Sometimes, sometimes  my mind is too strong to carry on  
                             C                F               
Too strong to carry on 

**Rinse and Repeat.