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Lonely This Christmas Chords

Capo 3rd fret...

Intro G, Em, C, D

G        Em        C                D
Try to imagine a house thats not a home
G          Em           C           D
And try to imagine a christmas all alone
G                              Em
Thats where I'll be since you left me
     C                    D
My tears could melt the snow
G                      Em
What can I do? Without you
C                    D
Ive got no place to go
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G        Em                       C                    D
It'll be lonely this christmas without you to hold
G         Em                     C           D
It'll be lonely this christmas lonely and cold
G          Em                 C          D
It;ll be cold so cold without you to hold this christmas

G       C           G


Each time I remember the day you went away

How I never listened to the things you had to say

I just break down, when I look around

The only things I see

Are emptiness and loneliness and a humbling christmas tree


Thats all folks, enjoy and hopefully it wont be a lonely christmas for any
of you... Merry Xmas 03 From Paul McCormick in Stockport!!