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To Be With You Chords

Voodoo here... i was playing around with the chords one day and i figured out this...
well the bridge might sound shitty
so u got any ideas, just do it.


Bm	        G|  A                          D		    |
Hold on little girl.  Show me what he's done to you.

Bm	         G|   A		                    D		|
Stand up little girl.  A broken heart can't be that bad.

Bm                  G	| 	  A  		       D |
When it's through, it's through.  Fate will twist the both of you.

C			      |	A 			      |
So come on baby, come on over.  Let me be the one to show you.

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CHORUS:Repeat it over
D                G       A       D
I'm the one who wants to be with you,
deep inside i hope you feel it too,
waiting on a line of greens and blues,
just to be the next to be with you.

Bm           G             A                        D
Build up your confidence, so you can be ontop for once
Bm           G             A                        D
Wake up! Who cares about little boys that talk to much?
Bm            G           A                             D
I seen it all go down.  Your game of love was all rained out.
C                               A
So come on baby, come on over.  Let me be the one to hold you.


C                  |D	 
Why be alone when we can be together baby?	

G			        | C			|	
You can make my life worthwhile.  I can make you start to 

Repeat "so c'mon baby..."
and then enter chorus

apologies for the bridge that kinda suck... the truth is i forgot how it went
anyways... comments please....