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Motorhead Chords

by Ian Kilmister Eddie Clarke Phil Taylor
performed by  Motorhead
from the albums: No Remorse, Best Of Motorhead, No sleep Til Hammersmith

One of the definitive Motorhead tunes by Lemmy and the boiz- was shocked it wasn't already in the data base!

Tuning: Standard (on the album) (Eb if you want to play along with the live version)
(These are power chords so actually D5 Eb5 E5 F#5 and G5)
D   X   Eb  X   E  X  F#  X    G  X
    X       X      X      X       X
    7       8      9      11      12
    7       8      9      11      12
    5       6      7       9      10
    X       X      X      X       X

Note that Lemmy's bass follows the root note for all the chords but he does a
little riff on the F# (sorry but you bass players will have to suss that out- it's
based on the A string between the 10th and tweflth frets but I haven't quite gotten
it sufficently to put down what I definitively think it is)

Intro: E/////////D//Eb//

E                                D/E
Sunrise, wrong side of another day
E                               D/E
Sky high, six thousand miles away
E                              D/E
Don't know how long I been awake
Wound up in an amazin' state

G             D
And I can't enough
G                   D
And you know it's righteous stuff
G                      F#
goes up like prices at Christmas
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G           D   
Motorhead, remember me
G               F#
Motorhead, all right!


E                       D/E
Brained out, total amnesia
E                       D/E
Get some mental anaesthesia
E                                           D/E
Don't move I'll shut the door an kill the lights
If I can be wrong I must be right

G               D
All good clean fun
G                     D
Have another stick of gum
G                    F#
Man you look better already!

G                   D
Motorhead, remember me
    G            F#
I'm Motorhead, Alright!

Solo break (built around the verse/prechorus/chorus pattern)


E                       D/E
fourth day five day marathon
E                           D/E
We're moving like a parallelogram
E                                     D/E
Don't move the morning's not a pretty sight
I guess I'll see you all on the ice

G             D
I should be tired
G                        D
But you know I'm fucking wired
G                        F#
ain't felt this good for an hour

G                   D
Motorhead, remember me
G                F#
I'm Motorhead, alright!

the band continues to echo the "Motorhead" chorus for an outro adlibbing "yeah
yeah yeahs" etc to the final chainsaw guitar F# chord with all the glorious feedback
and bomber take off sound effects . . .