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Welcome Home Chords

Welcome home

Morten Abel

       AM     C
Welcom home
    DM                 F    AM     C
your spirit`s been here all along
        DM             F
like the ghostin the window
      AM C        DM            F
your song has been playing all along
 AM                  C     DM   F
i really  never was alone

Your face
look at this picture everyday
you whit your doubt,
me whit my big mouth

F   C    C
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Peace and love blessing from the one above
everybody needs somebody somebody to love
i steel.. that line from Freddie cos he`s already dead
We miss you Fred
See your troubles seens so pathetic
We`re tesring down the walls
We build, brick by brick

       DM   F           C                 G  DM    F   C
Welcome home you never been alone gone for so long
    G             DM             F    C
come home and be a mother to your son
    G             DM             F    C
come home and be a mother to your son


GM       C         GM        C
It was an accident i lost control and of it went
GM           C
dont say you could get used to it
GM        C                               DM
because it means you`ll kepp on doing it..