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Life in Mono - Mono (Chords)

Hey, here is my version of the chords I am fairly certain of them 
but should you have any comments or suggestions please feel free 
to send them to:, thanks.

||C C Em Em|C C Em Em|Em C Em6 Gm6|Ebm F#7 Fm B||
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||Em Em Am Am|B Adim7 Em Em||

||Em Emaj/m7 Em7 Aadd2|Dadd2 D G G||

||Cadd2 C Amadd2 Am|Bsus4 B||

||Emadd2 Em Amadd2 Am| Dadd2 D Gadd2 G||

||Cadd2 C Amadd2 Am||Bsus4 Bsus4 B B||