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  Chords -  C   Am   Dm  G  

Reggae feel will do.                                   


               Resident for President

If you're as game as Ned Kelly 
Got a heart like Phar Lap
If you can  go like Les Darcy
You could be the man

If you're fast as Dawn or Cathy
On land as when you're swimming
You could wear the trousers
You could be the woman

We want a resident for president
we don't want no queen ( no queen0
We want a resident for president
Republics what we mean

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We no longer a colony
That was before 
Now people come from all over ( Mr Ruddock)
Let's open the door


It's beyond 200
There's still decisions to amke
Are we a part of england and the united states?
We closer to South-east Asia (Pauline)
Still we suck up to George W B
A resident for president is what we mean


Asides - I think that when i am president 
every will have a job
And have a day off every now rather than then
and eat lots of different foods from all over the world

penned by Michael Cross and Alex Vail