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Glider Chords

Written and Composed by Luke Carter
Performed by Missionless

- Intro: Bm | Bm | Bm | Bm | A | A | A | A
- Section A: Bm | Bm | Bm | Bm | A | A | A | A
- Section B: Dm | Dm | Dm | Dm | Dbm | Dbm | Dbm | Dbm
- Section C: Bm | Bm | Bm | Bm | A | A | A | A


(Section A)
I'm torn in two
Will I stay with you
Or die?
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/missionless/glider_crd.html ]
All things depend
Do all things have an end
In time?

I see a fair face
Then I see an empty space
In my heart.

Then the time will soon come
When all will be undone
Be free! Be free.

(guitar solo)

(Section B)
I'm just a Glider in the sky.
Will I be beside her, waiting to die?

(Section C)

I will walk free
Then I will soon see
At last

Or will I be here
Without what I hold dear
To my heart

Am I going to die
Whilst looking at the sky
Yes the sky.

Or will I go with you
Ever torn in two
For life? For life.

For life
For life

The main chord structure is Bm and A, with a fancy Dsus4, D and Dsus2 at the end.
I am certain this is 100% right.