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Come Back Chords

transcription by Mark Kennedy and Ryq

Note: There are numerous bass and guitar fills throughout the song, 
      but these three contribute most to the flow of the song.

  verse bass fill:
D|-2-2-2-2-2-0-----|  Bass plays this fill twice
A|-------------2-0-|  during the verses.

  prechorus bass riff:
D|-----1-1-4-4-1-1-----1-1-4-4-1-1-|  Bass plays this riff when
A|-2-2-------------2-2-------------|  the guitar plays the B chord.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misfits/come_back_crd.html ]
  chorus bass riff:
G|---------|       |---------|       This bass riff is played during the
D|---------|       |---------|       "you've got to come back" portion of
A|-----5-5-| (4x)  |-----2-2-| (4x)  the choruses.  This riff may also be
E|-3-3-----|       |-0-0-----|       played one octave higher.

 intro          drums...
 verse          E
 prechorus      B  E  (2x)
 verse          E
 prechorus      B  E  (2x)
 chorus         G  E  (8x)
 bridge         E (guitar) & G (bass)
 verse          E
 prechorus      B  E  (2x)
 chorus         G  E (12x)
 end            G