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Mizmaar - Kash Chords

Mizmaar is a new rock band in Pakistan and "kash" is their song.

Song: Kash
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/mizmaar_kash_crd.html ]
Cm           Gm
hooooo  hoo hoooo
Cm           Gm
hooooo hoo hoooo
Cm          Gm     G#           Gm 
koi to baat ho koi to aisi raat ho
Cm              Gm      G#         Gm
milain hum aur tum jab bhi barsaat ho
Fm          Gm             Fm        Gm
aisa ho yeh saman chandni ho hum ho jahan
      Fm         Gm       G#         A#
pyar main dooba ho jeevan ka her ek lamha
             Cm   Gm
tu aaye mere paas aanhaaan
Cm                       Gm
bhujaaye dil ki pyaas  aanhaaan
Cm                 Gm
na tore meri aas aanhaan
ho jaaye aisa kaaaaeeesh

I guess rest of the part you will do it yourselves very easily. Well if u
play it at 9th fret, it will sound more better. Mizmaar band's guitarist
has also played it at 9th fret. Just try it and have fun. OK
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