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##This is the artist's representation, blah blah blah.##

The Beets--Killer Tofu!
Progression: Em  G  D  A

Verse 1.
Fast food feels fuzzy
Cause it's made from stuff that's skuzzy
I always thought I was such a nerd
I refused to eat that strange bean curd
I wouldn't eat it, WOW!
But it ate you!

Ah eeh ooh, Killer tofu.  (Eeyae.)
Oooh eeh ooh, Killer tofu!
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Verse 2
I eat my sugar cereal
But it makes my teeth bacterial  (Eeyaeyo, Eeyae)
If you feel kinda cruddy,  (Eeyae)
Just stick right by your buddy (Eeyaeyo)
I don't eat, t-t-t-t-t-too much fried food!

[Repeat Chorusx2]

Just keep playing the progression over and over.  They play it very artistically in groovy
Riffs, but I can't detect it, so oh well.  Maybe I'll find it later.  The Beets Rock!

Lendl (aka trout) O=<