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Version: 3 Type: Tab

Titanic Theme Tab

Artist:Rose And Jack Dozen
Title: Titanic Theme
Misc Soundtrack
Tabbed by : hollow_teen@hotmail.com

email me if you guys have anyquestions ok. i hope you enjoy ok. oh and by the way
this is to the sponsers of this site, you guys are the best. this is what i think
sounds correcta and is more easier than doing it in the frets 10 till 16 and
stuff, mine is only like frets 3 to 7. so ok later and enjoy.

S= Slide
H= Hammer-on
-- = wait about 1 second
--- and more= wait 2-3 seconds.

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_soundtrack/titanic_theme_tab_ver_3.html ]
------------------------------------------------------2----------|   |
-----------------------------------------------------------------|   |
-----------------------------------------------------------------|   V


there thats it. hope you enjoy this tab
if you want to visit this page just look at the bottom ok
take care and again hope you like it