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Lousy Boyfriend Tab

D                             Dsus4
I drowned in the pools of her eyes
Dsus2                                  D
That got deeper every time I made her cry.
C                       Em                       D
I never dreamed there’d be such deep wounds to mend
C                       Em                   D
I never dreamed I could be such a lousy boyfriend.

D                                    Dsus4
We’re prisoners in the webs that we weave
Dsus2                  D
When did I become so naïve?
C                       Em                  D
I can’t believe I would be a man who would bend
C                  Em                 D
When did I become such a lousy boyfriend?
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G                                    A
And the virtues that were strong within me
G                              A
Went up in smoke through the chimney
G                                  A            D
My smoldering soul is a vast empty hole that fills me.

D                               Dsus4
My duality is the vice I must defeat
Dsus2                               D
If I’m ever to escape the wretched heat
C                              Em                     D
My actions and judgments have left me a man who’s condemned.
C                          Em                  D
And with hindsight so clear, it’s hard to pretend
C                     Em                 D
The choices I’ve made are so hard to defend
C                Em                    D
I’ve simply become such a lousy boyfriend.