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Ceci Song Tab

This is the first time i have tried tab so if you have any suggestions or comments please send to     ravenisis@ev1.net

G         -  320033
G#       - 200033
F#m7   - 022033
Dadd9 - 032033
D          - xx0232


E    ------3-------------------3----------------------3------------------------3--------------
B    --------3-------------------3------------------------3-----------------------3-----------
G    ---------------0------------------0------------------------0------------------------0----        Repeat this 1 more time
D    ------------0------------------0-----------2------------2-----------2----------2--------
A    --2------------------0------------------2------------------------3-----------------------
E -   3------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------

Verse 1
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_artists/ceci_song_tab.html ]
[G]                               [G#]
Remember we walked at the beach 
Hand in hand
With the sand at our feet
[G]                               [G#]
Remember what you said that day 
That you'll always be here 
And never go away

Remember where we first met

It was at the airport 

I couldn't get you out of my head
             [D]                [F#m7,Dadd9,G]
Coz its you and me
[D]           [F#m7,Dadd9,G]
All alone 
[D]                  [F#m7,Dadd9,G]
You and me 
[D]                        [F#m7,Dadd9,G]
Nowhere to run

Verse 2

For verse two just use the same chord change and timing is the same
Here is the words:-)

I've known you for a couple of day
And know my life is not a big haze
I've known you for about a year know
and who would have thought
You'd be walking down the isle

Chorus  X2