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The Unruley Crocodile Chords

	The Unruley Crocodile
	by: Nick Hamm
	Chase Dixon

It is a faily easy song as you can see...it is played slow and soft except for the parts 
I have put exclamation marks on then when you see those you know to play it a little 
and faster....well, there it is.

 G		      D
Hey Mr. Steve what's bothering you?
G          	 		       D
There's a crocodile around, what you gonna do!?
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G				   D
You've got your cheap hat and your 2 dollar chain,
G					    G 		D
And I don't give a care (pause) if your makin' love to Jane!
G		   D		       G
Hey Mr. Steve, I see what's bothering you
G			D       G
There is a croc. around and I know what you'll do...
G			      D
Crikey Crikey Crikey there's a croc on my porch!
(repeat 3X)
G		    D      G           D
I hear your moving and that's ok with me,
G			     	D		   G
I never liked you anyways you and all your family
G			    D                      G
Your a bad influence you and all your gators (pause)
G			D	G	   D
So you know what steve, I'll see you later!

(repeat chorus 3X)