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Sound Of Mario Jumping Tab

   This is the sound that you hear when Mario jumps in the
first mario game: Super Mario Bros.
(Whammy Bar REQUIRED!!)

 gradualy push the whammy rod down and slide your finger
 at the same time


[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc/sound_of_mario_jumping_tab.html ]
none = no bend on whammy rod
full = whammy rod pushed so 3rd fret sounds like 1st fret
/ = slide up

This tab is good for getting a smile or a laugh from your friends. 
I discovered this tab within a few days of getting my guitar and if 
you do it with the right speed and if my instructions make ANY SENSE 
it should sound almost exactly like the original sound on the game. 
You may want to play the game (if you have it) and hear the sound of 
mario jumping a few times before you attempt this.....it helps.

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