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Stigmata Tab

Ministry - Stigmata
 - from "The Land of Rape and Honey"
Tabbed out by Zephie

Standard tuning (maybe...):


[7] : artificial harmonic

Pretty fun song to bang n' jam to, I even threw in chord names for those interested over
the lines (I'm not sure about the B5 (I actually don't know what all the chord names are
besides Em... ^.^; ), so if someone knows the correct name, email me or the GT people and
have them fix it, please).

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Riff A:
    A5 A5 A5 B5

Riff B:
    A5 A5 A5 B5


This's actually a pretty simple song, with one main riff and two other notes; just use
those two riffs over and over again where they're supposed to be and you'll get the
timing and arrangement easily enough, with a bit of practice.  Now, I can't figure
*exactly* what those other two notes are (guitar or samples), so this is the closest I
can come up with, two artificial harmonics that might get close to what they are.  In
any case, the two chords sound about right, soooo... enjoy! =)

 - Zephie