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Kemp Tab

Last night I went to see this lot at Manchester Uni, and they were awesome!!!! so 
now im home and was inspired to figure out kemp (which totally rocked when they did 
it by the way), so here it is.


e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g -----------------4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-
a -4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-
d -4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-
E -2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-----------------
Then this kicks in:

e ------------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------------
g -11-------9--14------13------14------16-9--11-9-
a -x--(x15)-x--x--(x3)-x--(x5)-x--(x3)-x--x--x--x-
d -9--------7--12------11------12------14-7--9--7-
E ------------------------------------------------


e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g -----------------4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-
a -4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-
d -4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-
E -2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-----------------

This is played four times palm muted, then four times normally.


e ------------------
b ------------------
g -7-------9-------
a -7-(x16)-9-(x16)--
d -5-------7--------
E ------------------

Then the above is played again by one guitar, whilst the other does this:
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e --------------------------------------
b --------------------------------------
g -11-------13------14------14----------
a -x--(x16)-x--(x4)-x--(x8)-x--let-ring-
d -9--------11------12------12----------
E --------------------------------------

These bits pretty much fill the whole song, so listen to it and find out where they go. 
The solo is fairly simple and i thought it's take longer to figure, but here it is:


e -------------------------------------------------------
b ----19----19----19----19----19----19----19----19----19-
g -18----18----18----18----18----18----18----18----18----
a -------------------------------------------------------
d -------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------

e ----------------------------------------------------
b -18-16-14-11----14----14----14----14----14----14-11-
g -------------11----11----11----11----11----11-------
a ----------------------------------------------------
d ----------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------

e -------------------------------
b ----16-16----16-16----16----16-
g -16-------16-------16----16----
a -------------------------------
d -------------------------------
E -------------------------------

e ------------------------------
b -9/18-18-18-18-------14-------
g ---------------14-16----16-16-
a ------------------------------
d ------------------------------
E ------------------------------

repeat this through last chorus and end with:

b -18-

Listen to the song to see where u bend the strings, but that is it, kemp, including full 
solo, i'm not sure about the bit u play over the chorus but it sounds about right, if its 
wrong im sure u can figure it out.