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Kemp Bass Tab

Song:Kemp(New Version)
Album:Home from Home

This is the new verison of kemp from thier new album. It may sound like the Hives but they 
didn't nick it, millencolin wrote this song ages ago.

D:--------------------------------|Im not listening to the song as i write this so i dont
A:----------------2-2-2-2-0-0-2-0-|know how many times to play it just keep on repeating it.
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Courus: Simple but great to play
D:----------------------------------------------------------------| x2

Reapeat verse and courus again until end.

Throw a few personal effects in like bends and slides it comes together really well.

O my god! such a easy song wich sounds great, watch out the courus comes in early during 
the bass solo. Any comments or any bass tabs for millencolin songs send them to e-mail
at top of page.

Thrid try are a kick ass band who arn't signed to a lable listen to the music first by searching
for them on napster, Viva la resistance!