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Dont Fade Away Chords

Hi gang, here's #3 by milla tabbed by christopher hook email
                  don't fade away(divine comedy)
                   Milla N. Jovovich
Intro same as verse...

verse: C              G                Am
       hello sunshine please don't fade away
       C              G             Am
       see our genius warp what we created
       C              G          Am
chorus:no no no no no,don't fade away...x2

verse:stepping over, shadows from your smile
      losing myself, in these waves of light

chorus;no no no no nox2
verse;see them washing hearts with teardrops...
      bless these simple souls,,,baby soldiers
      marching onward,,,watch their hopeless eyes

chorus;no no no no nox2
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bridge: Bm7
        oh my am I high, is that a glow up in the sky
        Em7                                          }x2
        oh my am I high, is that a glow up in the sky

verse: C                  G              Am
       whitewashed liars, stupid teachers
       C                  G
       blinded all these broken dreamers
       C          G                      Am
       who will teach them time..........time
chorus;no no no no nox2
bridge:oh my am I ect...(repeat and fade to end)

please note:the only thing I don't know is perfect is the bridge... the order of the 
Bm7 & Em7. It is 4 in the morning and I can't wake up my friends,playing milla. the 
chords are correct but you may want to switch the order. I'll check later...enjoy,regards,