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Tin Legs And Tin Mines Tab

By Midnight Oil
From the "Real thing" album
Tabbed by Jo

This is a very nice song from the Oils. The chord chart given down
there for the verses is a transcription  of the piano part.
The guitar actually only plays a few arpeggios on the basis of
these chords.

Intro part
The intro is made of  two patterns, only changing the bass note.
Let ring and listen to the CD to get the rythm right.
The structure is the following :

Pattern A (4 times)
Patten B
Pattern A (twice)
Pattern B
Pattern A (twice)
Then into the first verse...

G-II------------3--3------I------------3---------------| Pattern A

G-II------------3--3------I------------3---------------|  Pattern B

Verse 1
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/midnight_oil/tin_legs_and_tin_mines_tab.html ]
B                                  C#m   Csus2   C#m
I'm gonna wait for the moment to come
B                                       C#m   Csus2   C#m
I'm gonna wait till we all stop from running
A                                    E      B7  B7*
Boxed in like candles, polar bear pride
A                                        E
Turning to terror as the script is read out
B                                              B7 B7**  C#m   A
Unwilling actors accomplished protractors will shout
B                                C#m   Csus2   C#m
I'm gonna wait till we reach the sky
B                                C#m   Csus2   C#m
Tin legs and tin mines, anyone cries
A                                 E      B7  B7*
Cry in the hope that there'll be tomorrow
A                                 E
Waiting around there must be a time
B                                    B7  B7**
Time to start thinking and working it out
C#m                             A          Bm       (G)
Come with me now, try with me now, when I'm laughing

D    Em     C      A#
  F                          (G)
Who's running the world today
D    Em     C      A#
Who's running the world today
G   D
G   D

Verse 2

Chorus (play it how many times you want. Make sure you say about
anything to match Garret's inspired speech...)

Outro : repeat pattern A of intro

Special chords :
They are only used as variations on the basic chord
B7*   7 9 7 8 9 7
B7** 7 9 7 8 10 7

That's about the best I can do about this song.
All suggests and comments welcome.