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Jaded These Years Chords

jaded (these years)
(d,c,e,e,g)x3        high distortion(whole song)
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d                       c
theres a time and place 4 every thing
e                  e
theres a reason y certain people meet
theres a destination 4 everyone
d                             e
wats the explination wen were done?
e            g                   
all the summer nights spent wondering
g                             d
so many questions asked,but nones anserin
c                       e  
would it b ok if i left today?
e                                      gggg
took my chances on wat u said was wrong....
c        g                   e  
im jaded stupind and wrekless not sorry         .
e                         d
ill never regret these years,spent so faded     .
c         g                    e
and wrekless and ill never regret these years   .
e                       d
ill never regret these years                    .

g                      c
now here i sit so far away
c                         e
remembering all of the memerys
g                                     c
its times like these that i miss u most,
c                              eeeeeeeeeeee
remembering wen we were so close

benji from gc solo
!~~~~~coruse~~~~~~!(play with no distortion)

g                                          c
well never forget the places weve been,u an i
our lives are slipping away
e                      c    d
dont want time to pass u by.byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy