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The Sound Of The Suburbs Chords

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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:31:27 +0000
From: holmes 
Subject: Tab: The Sound Of The Suburbs by The Members

The Members - The Sound Of the Suburbs (Carroll/Tesco)

Album: At The Chelsea Night Club

I can't get the intro yet but try doing a C shape and mess around
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C                                                        G
Same old boring Sunday morning,old men out washing their cars
Mum's in the kitchen cooking sunday dinner,Herberts still moaning for
A                 C                      D
And Johnnys upstairs in his bedroom sitting in the dark
A            C                   D
Annoying the neighbours with his punk rock electric guitar
                  G           B            A
This is the sound,This is the sound of the suburbs
G           B            A         C E D
This is the sound of the suburbs

Verse 2 same again


E    G     E    G    A  B  C  D D# E F etc. just keep going up the

G              B             A                   D
?????   groups just wanna be free,yeah they want ANARCHY!
G             B               A
Play too fast,play outta tune,practice in the singer's bedroom
C                        C                        B                A
The drums are quite good,the bass is too loud and I can't hear the words

G           B            A
This is the sound of the suburbs- until the end where it goes C E D

Any Corrections or if anybody has the lead guitar send them to


Robert Holmes,Dublin,Ireland.

P.S.If anyone has a tab for Spoilt Victorian Child by The Fall or Any
Madness Songs,I would be most grateful.