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From: (Burning Inside)
Date: 04 Oct 95 23:39:23 -0400
Subject: TAB: Correction for "Lizzy" by the Melvins

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Please put this tab in place of the "Lizzy" I sent last week. That one is
really screwed up, this one is fixed.
Lizzy   by the Melvins
        from the album "Houdini"
        music by Buzz Osbourne
        tabbed by Tom Mallon
Standard Tuning
E ----------------
B ----------------
G ----------------
D --2---2--4--3---
A --0---0--0--2---
E ----------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------------
G -----------7-6-----6-6------------------------------------
D -2-2-2-2---7-6-----6-6-------------------------------------
A -2-2-2-2---5-4-----4-4-------------------------------------
E -0-0-0-0--------------------------------------------------
The improv/"solo" parts aren't here. if you know them, go to town.