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Unsaid Things Chords

Band: Mcfly
Song: Unsaid things
Album: Room on the 3rd Floor
Tabber: Joel

Davina: McFLY rocked Notingham on sunday 26th september 2004!
Joel: Hi, i noticed noone had tabbed this song yet so i've had a go! Tell me what you think!

G                                   B
This girl that moved just down the road from me
Em                            C       
She had the nicest legs i've ever seen
back then
G                             B
she wrote me letters just to say she loved me
Em                        C    D
now her face is just a memory

now that 
seven years have gone 
and i've grown up but she's moved on
              D7                  G    Gdim
somehow i'm still holding on to her
C               E           F
I still got so many unsaid things that
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i wanna say
and i just can't wait another day
             G   Gdim
i wish she knew
C                E            F
i still wait up wondering if she still

remembers me
                D7              G     C
but there's no way for me to know

(You just repeat the first part for this verse)
Now she's got pregnant with a baby
it feels like shes slipping away from me
now that
she's getting married i'm in misery
coz her fiance's so much bigger than me
coz he works out alot
and there's not much that he ain't got
and right now i'm losing the plot
              G  Gdim
along with her

(Just repeat the same as the chorus, it starts with: I still got so many unsaid things, and so on)

(I'm not sure if this is right for the break but just mess around with the chords until in sounds right)

G  Em  F  (D7)  G  C

And i want her to know
before she's married and has a baby
that i need her

B 0 1 3 1 0 1   0 1 3 1 0 1   0 1 5 3 1  3   0 1 3 4
G             2             2           2  2