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Thought I Knew You Chords

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"I Thought I Knew You"  (Last updated:  5/29/96)

Original chords by: ?
Corretions by: Cliff A. Hicks <>
Riff from: Tyler Kelley (

Intro riff chords (also used between chorus and verse):

-9----9-----13--------|   ... you know the rhythm, etc.

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Starts out in Am, pull off and hammer on the index finger, alternating with E
and then go to:

I thought I knew you, I was
in for a surprise, I let my
love flow from my
heart into your eyes, and then I

found out
               G                                  D
that there was nothing I could know or guess about you
you'd go as far as you could go and it took me

F                C
Years to figure out that there was
D7             E
nothing I could give to you, and
F               C
Years to figure out that there was
D7                E
nothing you would take from me, and
F               C
How can I describe the way you
D7             E
slowly took my hope away, and
all of the time, I thought I
knew you