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On The Hood Chords

Great song...tabbed by Ross higgins
Easy song, 
Verser and Chorus are as follows:
 C, Am, Em, G listen to it and pick it up, ain't hard

pre chorus: 
        C                     Am
I don't care anymore! People tell me i should
They're all lookin for hits (songs)
I'd rather lay on the hood...
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Verse 1:
It all began with our one,
on the stange winters mornin'
the sky tunred red
the vibrations went dead
with these terribel songs on a rainy day
the pressure just started to fall
your scene doesn't do anything for me
it doesn't do anything at all

Pre chorus (above)

Chorus:  (There's that sweet guitar between lines in this chorus, which can easily be
played with a harmonica, i tihnk it sounds cool)
Of an old car
With my girlfirned
with my real friends
until the en-----d

Verse 2
is the music gone?
is it gone for good?
it's only six metal strings
on a piece of wood
and all these things goin on in my head
make it kinda hard to deal
like seaweed swangin' in the ocean blue
for me it's gotta be real

Pre chorus


Vere 3 is the same as verse 1

there ya go enjoy