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Sideways Chords

Song: Sideways
Artist: Matt Caplan 
Album: The Road Less Traveled

I have to give props to my good buddy Sergio for coming up with this and teaching it to
me, thanks man!  Anyway, this is a great song, and to my knowlege this is the first tab
for it.  Its pretty much correct I think, listen to the song for details.  If you disagree, let me know...

Capo on 4

D[-----------------------------0h2--]    Repeat w/ words
[ Tab from: ]
            G                            D                     Em
Because everything I've ever done I've done because I love y--ou,
Silly you should ask.
                       G                                   D
I'm afraid that I'll spend the better part of next year scared that I might 
need y--ou,
Bring me down and I'll feel again.
   G                            D                     Em
Everything I've ever done I've done because I love y--ou,
    C     A      C
Sideways...  sideways.

Repeat Riff with second verse

Verse 1:
Lost my train of thought around Chicago,
Found a little solace where you lay.
Never made collages as a young child, 
Not that much to see so much to say.

Now even in this silence there's a thunder,
And rain that steals the breath beneath this cage.
And at least I've got your memory to sooth me,
This bitter poison ripening with age.


Verse 2:
Lost my patience well before west fourth street,
Found a copper coin said "Seize the Day!"
And I let the angry audience surround me,
Hiding as I screamed "Give or the play!" (not sure about this line)

Now even in this thunder there's a silence,
A shred of comfort standing at my door.
And at least I've got the sense to reconstruct you,
And leave me twice as lucid as before.


Em       Am           Em     Am        C          G      D
And you left your mark, you left your face in the corner of my mind three 
Em   Am           Em     Am        C
You left your mark, you left your self.

Verse 3:
At least I've got the sense to sense whats coming,
and realize that good things never come to those who wait too long...


Thats about it...   Thanks!!