Mary Chapin Carpenter Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. 10000 Miles Chords
02. Another Home Tab
03. A Keeper For Every Flame Chords
04. A Lot Like Me Chords
05. A Road Is Just A Road Chords
06. Capo Chart Chords
07. Chasing What's Already Gone Tab
08. Come Darkness Come Light Chords
09. Come On Come On Tab
10. Don't Need Much To Be Happy Tab
11. Downtown Train Chords
12. Down At The Twist And Shout Chords
13. Fading Away Tab
14. Family Hands Tab
15. Girls With Guitars Tab
16. Going Out Tonight Tab
17. Goodbye Again Tab
18. Halley Came To Jackson Chords
19. He Thinks Hell Keep Her Chords
20. House Of Cards Chords
21. It Dont Bring You Tab
22. I Am A Town Tab
23. I Feel Lucky Chords
24. I Feel Lucky Tab
25. I Take My Chances Tab
26. I Tried Going West Tab
27. I Want To Be Your Girlfriend Chords
28. Jerico Tab
29. John Doe No 2 Chords
30. Jubilee Bass Tab
31. Just Because Tab
32. Keeping The Faith Chords
33. Learning The World Tab
34. Let Me Into Your Heart Chords
35. Middle Ground Tab
36. Never Had It So Good Tab
37. New Year's Day Tab
38. Not Too Much To Ask Chords
39. Old Love Tab
40. Other Streets And Other Towns Chords
41. Outside Looking In Chords
42. Passionate Kisses Tab
43. Quittin Time Chords
44. Rhythm Of The Blues Tab
45. Shut Up And Kiss Me Tab
46. Shut Up And Kiss Me Bass Tab
47. Slow Country Dance Chords
48. Something Of A Dreamer Tab
49. Soul Companion Tab
50. Stones In The Road Tab
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