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Dog Party Chords


By Steve Martinetti

4/4 driving rock 

Em 4 bars; then 8th notes lick: EEGABbBbAG EEGABbBbAG
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Em                                                     Em/Am/G                   
Well it’s a dog party  / Goin’ on next door
Em                                                     Em/Am/G                   
Don’t need no invitation   / just scratch at the door
Em                                                     Em/Am/G                   
We’re drinkin’ from the toilet / diggin’ holes and havin’ fun
Em                                                     Em/Am/G                   
So come to the party / unless your’e human   (lick: EEGABbBbAG EEGABbBbAG)

                           Am  G/E   Am G/E        (lick)
CHORUS: It’s a dog party……ya
                           B            C         B          (lick)
                  It’s a dog party……..ya
Well it’s a dog party / bring somethin’ to sniff
If you like someone special / just give her a wiff
You can eat some garbage / you can use that doggie tongue
Bring along the Easter Bunny / and we’ll chase her for fun


It’s a dog party / don’t allow no pussycats
If you like to chase your tail / It’s not considered crass
So if you’re doggie’s lost / he may never be found
He’s prob’ly at the party / it sure beats the pound

CHORUS 3X; end