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Wasted Chords

Martin Sexton

From Martin?s Live Wide Open CD.  Tuned down ? step.

(From New England Your Best Source For Singer/Songwriters)
Any time of the year
D                            A
I?d walk a country mile
A pint and a bag in my pocket
D                           A
Characterized my style
G                         D                      A           G                  D                 A
I was wasted not strong as I am now   so wasted not strong as I am now

Always the beautiful son
Always a pack of my friends
Always the worry and trouble
For that sweet buzz that always ends
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When you are wasted not strong as I am now
So wasted not strong as I am now
D                   A
Forty feet up in this pine tree
      D                          A
In a fortress made of scrap wood
D                        A
Marvel comics, playboys, bongs
             G                        D                A
Make a 10 year 12 year 16 year old boy feel good

(vocal solo Over chorus music)
then there came that day
D                                         A
when my tree house finally fell

I said good-bye to my friends in the woods
               D                                       A
All those brothers that would never tell

We were so wasted not strong as we are now
Oh we were so wasted so wasted so wasted
(more vocal solo end on A)