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Reflections Of My Life Tab

"Reflections of my life” by Marmalade  
  G                Bm            Em        G
The changing.   Of sunlight.    To moonlight
	    C     Em   Am
Reflections of my life
Oh- how they fill my eyes

The creeping of people.  In trouble
Reflections of my …life...
Oh- how they fill my eyes.
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All my sorrows..  Sad tomorrow
Take me back. To my old ho-me
All my cryin  (all my cryin) Fill like dying dying
Take me back. To my old home.	     

(bridge Same Chords With Lead) 

I’m changing...arranging. I’m changing. I’m changing everything
Ah- - everything around me
The world is...a bad place a bad place a terrible place to me
Ah- but I don’t wanna die

All my sorrows sad tomorrow
Take me back. To my old home..
All my cryin´ all my cryin ´fill be my dying dying
Take me back to my old home.		

Repeat to fade

By T.Hope