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Teen Angel Chords

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written by J. and R. Surrey
performed by Mark Dinning
transcribed by Collins Crapo 

(play opening line, verses, and closing line slowly; chorus slightly

C            Am            F            G   G7
 Teen angel,   teen angel,  teen angel,  ooo--
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C                    F
 That fateful night,  the car was stalled
C                  F
 Upon the railroad track
  C                  F
I pulled you out and we were safe
    G        G7      C
But you went running back

Teen angel, can you hear me?
Teen angel, can you see me?
Are you somewhere up above?
    G    G7         C
And am I still your own true love?

Verse 2:
What was it you were looking for
That took your life that night?
They say they found my high school ring
Clutched in your fingers tight


Verse 3:
Just sweet 16, and now you're gone
They've taken you away
I'll never kiss your lips again
They buried you today

C            Am            F      G7  C
 Teen angel,   teen angel, answer me, please