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Down In The Park Chords

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From: (Brian Ast)

Down in the Park
Marilyn Manson

Thanks to Kaeran ( for the lyrics.
Tabbing done by

First time just bass notes, then chords second time

C5       D5      A#5     F5

C5       D5      A5

Down in the Park where the MachMen meet

the machines play kill-by-number
Down in the Park with a friend called 5
C          D                           
I was in a car crash
or was it the war?                     
but i never been quite the same
D            C               A         
 little white lies like I was there

A5      G5       F5    F5
[ Tab from: ]
C       D
Come to ZomZom's 
a place to eat
like it was built in one day
C                  D             A
 you can watch the humans try to run
C                D
oh look theres a rape machine
       A#              F
i'd go outside if he'd look the other way
C                D                  A
 wouldn't believe the things they'd do

A5          G5          F5

we're not lovers
we're not romantics
we are here to serve you

D5       C5      A#5        F5  }  Play this part as eigth notes palm
D5       C5      A5             }  muted alittle


Down in the Park where the chant is "death"

death until the sun cries mourning
                                         C  C  C
Down in the Park with friends of mine

C5         D5
we're not lovers
            A#5   F5
we're not romantics
                C5             D5
we are here to serve you (x3)
(a different face but the words never change!)

A5  G5  F5 F5 x2

 we're not lovers
we're not romantics
we are here to serve you   (x4)

C5   D5   A#5   F     A
E-x  E-x  E-x-  E-x   E-x-    
B-x  B-x  B-x-  B-x   B-x-
G-5  G-7  G-x-  G-x   G-x-
D-5  D-7  D-8-  D-3   D-7-
A-3- A-5  A-8-  A-3   A-7-
E-x- E-x  E-6-  E-1   E-5-