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Man Of Thousand Faces Tab

"Man of a thousand faces" - Marillion

   Am     F    G

Intro: A F G D 

(Am)                       (F)
  I`m a man of a thousand faces  

(G)                             (Am)
A little piece of me in every part i take....


(C)                           (F)       
Because I speak to machines with the voice of humanity...

(Listen to song to get rest of timing during verses and chorus
                    (it`s same as here))
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At last verse of choruses:
(C)                                     (G)
"I`ll speak to a slave with the voice of obedience"
(C)                                (G)
"Forgive like a giver a account for all I take"
(C)(?)                      (G)
"And when I talk to god I know he`ll understand"

(Am)                                    (D)
I stole a fire but it burned  much to soon
(Am)                             (D)
I took a leap and I landed on the moon
(Am)                             (Em)
Look at my life and it looks like CNN
(Am)                                    (G)
See something once y`know it`s gonna come around 

I wrote this tab for 1st part of song (to 4th minute of song
In the second part with some choir and kryboards same chords as here are used)

Tab by Thirdeye (