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Kayleigh Chords

I have seen a couple ways of playing Kayleigh here and there online
using some chord name that I've never heard of (Hm?) and with no
legitimate explanation of how to finger it.  So...
here is my way of playing the intro to Kayleigh, it sounds fine though
it may not be 100% accurate...looks similar to the way Rothers was 
playing it in video.  I use B instead of Hm (whatever the hell that
is).  Anyhow the chords...

B:   x998xx
A:   x776xx
F#m: xx767x
G:   xxx787
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Play it something like this (with some chorus, delay, slight 
distortion, and a bit of reverb - oh and on a Strat if you can)...

B B A F#m F#m G B B A F#m G G

...the song uses those same chords and the chorus bits I've seen
posted elsewhere work fine.  Also, there is a REALLY good tab
for the entire song posted as well elsewhere (solo and all) so with
all of this, this song should not be a dilemna to anyone (except where
Rothery's skill is needed, hehe).