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Vampires Of New York Tab

The Vampires Of New York
G         C         D        

e ----3---- ----0---- ----2---- 
B ----0---- ----1---- ----3---- 
G ----0---- ----0---- ----2---- 
D ----0---- ----2---- ----0---- 
A ----2---- ----3---- ----0---- 
E ----3---- ----0---- ----x---- 

      Am        F       riff 1   
e ----0---- ----1----  --------------
B ----1---- ----2----  --------------
G ----2---- ----3----  --------------
D ----2---- ----3----  --------------
A ----0---- ----x----  -------0--2---
E ----0---- ----x----  ----3---------

sounds like John sometimes plays the C like this:

e -------------0-----------0----
B -------------1-----------1----
G -------------0-----------0----
D -------------2---2h0-----2----
A ----3---3----3---3---3---3----
E -----------------------------

likewise, his G sometimes sounds like this:

e -------------3-----------3-----
B -------------0-----------0-----
G -------------0-----------0-----
D -------------0-----------0-----
A -------------2---2h0-----2-----
E ----3---3----3---3---3---3-----

(riff 1) C                                   G
        Come see the vampires of New York, a-ah
(riff 1) C                                      G
        Come lose your mind in Central Park, a-ah
                                    C       G
        But don't leave your soul behind, a-ah
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(riff 1) C                                    G  
        Come take in 8th street after dark, a-ah
(riff 1) C                                    G
        Such peculiar people you'll remark, a-ah
                                C       G 
        You might even see a murder, a-ah

    F                  G  
And all the whores on Bleecker Street
They wear the blissful grin
  F             G  
Caused by the drugs they take
     C                            G
To relieve them of their sins, ah-oh

           C  Am               G   
And "Oh-oh lord I think she's dying"
                  C  Am              G
I heard somebody say, I think she's dying
             C Am              G 
And "Oh, oh lord I think she's dying"

(riff 1) C            
        Or, maybe she's already dead
and maybe she's gone to Mars.
Maybe we could even write her epitaph
in the stars.
          C          G
It'd say "If you go away from here...
C            G 
if you go a million miles..."
F    C   G
Come downtown
   F   C    G
to see them go

(riff 1)  C                                 G
Into the den of the vampires of New York ha-hah
But please watch your step as you're 
getting off kids.