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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 17:22:07 -0500
Subject: Mad Season-River of Deceit

Okay, I've seen both versions at OLGA, now here's the real one.  I got 
it directly off the live video tape of Mad Season playing at the Moore 
in Seattle.  Here we go...

There are only two basic chords in the whole song- 
   E A D G B E
F: 0 3 3 2 1 1(somtimes open)
G: 3 2 0 0 3 3

Not too difficult, you just have to figure out the strumming...


--0----------------4p2p0---2---2s4s2p0---2----0----0----   Repeat 3x

This is basically the same as the first tab at OLGA, so you can use that 
one if this one confuses you...

Now this(whatever you call it):
  F         G
--3-----2---0---0------   Strum freely, listen to the song. 

Now this is played throughout the entire song:
  F      G   ?
--2p0----0---0--;--0-----------4s2p0---  This fill is only played in the 
--3------0---0--;--0-------------------  second verse, and not all the 
----------------;--3-------------------  time. 

Just listen to the song for the strumming.

Verse:This is where I've seen the majority of the screw ups, here's how
      McCready plays it on the video tape.


The rhythm might be hard to follow, but you can pick that up also.

Now just play the intro once for the outro and that's it!  I hope I did 
a good job, this is my first tab and I've only been playing two months, 
so I would love some criticism and/or comments.  Hey if anybody has 
figured out "Lifeless Dead" by Mad Season, e-mail me at  I think I've figured most of it out except for the 
solo, so I would appreciate some other attempts. Later!

From: Kevin Gardner 
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 12:12:46 -0400
Subject: /m/mad_season/

I think this is more accurate than the current version at OLGA 
River of Deceit
by Mad Season
transcribed by kevin gardner

This song only contains two chords Fadd9 and
G major, the same progression used in HendrixUs
I donUt live today.  I sugest that for the Fadd9 chord
you cover the high E and B strings with your first finger,
the G string with your second finger,
the D string with your pinky, the A
string with you ring finger and the low E with your thumb.

h=hammer on
p=pull off





-------1--------3-------- \
-1-----1--------3--------  \
-2p0---0-strum--0-strum--   5x
-3-----3-freely-0-freely-   |
-------3--------2--------  /

Verse 1

repeat eight times

this is played 4 times:
-------12-12--12----12-  This might be
-9-10--14-12--14----12- played on a 12-string
[ Tab from: ]
-------1--------3--------3---3------- \
-1-----1--------3--------3h5-3-------  \
-2p0---0-strum--0-strum--------4s2p0-   8 x
-3-----3-freely-0-freely-------------    |
-------3--------2--------------------   /
-------1--------3--------------------  /
                         this fill is
                          not always played

verse 2 = verse 1
chorus 2 extends the last Fadd9 and G some
outro play the intro line


Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 23:42:02 -0400

Group: Mad Season
Song: River of Deceit

This is one of the better songs of the Above album.  It isn't any easy 
song to figure out. I did my best so that is all i could do.  A lot of the
music in this song is just going into little scales of the chords being
played. Anyway here is my best try at it:

h=hammer on
p=pull off

guitar parts:
this part is played in the begining

E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |--8-----8------------------------------------------8----8---------------|
G |--7-----7h9h7--------------------------------------7----7h9p7-----------|
D |--------------9p7----------------------------------------------9p7------|
A |-------------------10--7--10--7--10-----5h7-5v----------------------10--|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------8----8-------------------------------|
G |----------------------------7----7h9p7---------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------9p7-----------------------|
A |--7-10s12--7--10---5h7-5v-------------------10--7--10s12--7--10--|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------|

E |-----------------------3-----3---3-----3--|
B |-----------------------3-----3---3-----3--| then go
G |-----------------------0--x--0---0--x--0--|  to the
D |--7--------------------0--x--0---0--x--0--|   verse part
A |--------10s12---5------2--x--2---2--x--2--|
E |-----------------------3--x--3---3--x--3--|

this part i'm sure is a C to G progression, but i'm not sure how he 
hammers on and pulls off notes, this is close enought though
E |--0----0--0--0--3--3-x--3--3--3--3--|
B |--3p1--1--0--1--1--3-x--3--3--3--3--|
G |--0----0--0--0--0--0-x--0--0--0--0--|
D |--2----2--2--2--2--0-x--0--0--0--0--|
A |--3----3--3--3-----2-x--2--2--2--2--|
E |-------------------3-x--3--3--3--3--|
that is basically the verse, he does some other improvisational stuff 
which is just going into scales (i believe the G-scale) and goes a bit

this is the best i could come up with.......... 
when you get to the D-chord in this progression, work with the hammering 
on and pulling off to get the real effect of the song.
E |--3---3-3---3-3p2--2--2--2-3p2--2-2-2--|
B |--3---3-3---3-3----3--3--3-3----3-3-3--|
G |--0-x-0-2---2-2----2--2--2-2----2-2-2--|
D |--0-x-2-0---0-0----0--0--0-0----0-0-0--|
A |--2-x-3-0---0-0----0--0--0-0----0-0-0--|
E |--3-x-0--------------------------------|

then after the chorus, it goes back to the verse

******at the end of the song just go back to the first part of the song
that is basically it (that is my best try)

oh......if you want to use two guitars but can't both play the song, you
could do one of two things:
1)when the lead guitarist is playing you could strum the whole chord while
he is playing (with a lower volume) to give a fuller effect.
2) (my personal choice) You could solo over the song, which sounds very cool.
But you might be saying to yourself, i don't know what scale? Well i'll tell
you which scale, use the G-scale.

this ins't the entire G-scale, just the part that i like to use for the song






(the notes are in no particular order, just go crazy)
 work with it, it will sound good


if you have any additions (which hopefully there will be), corrections (which
there definately will be), suggestions (if you feel it necessary), criticism 
(hopefully not), requests (i'll try my best to get it to you), or anything
else just e-mail me (

the lyrics are in the MAD SEASON album booklet, but if you lost them and 
want them, then just e-mail me

have fun!!!!!!!!!!1

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