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Smiling Face Chords

M2M-smiling face.		(Chord to Tab)

 Tabbed by Mo…  (Mr. Uranium)   *****PRINTER FRIENDLY********
Tabbed better in the chorus and added bridge that I think it’s good enough. 
But not exactly. Try to modify the exact one.

 Try it, yeah…	 More correction:   merlin-sw@hongkong.com

A      			G       D
Standing in the rain 		….Yeah………….

	A                          G                              D           A     
	 Sitting on the bus, Looking through the window and I close my eyes
	G                              D                        C
 	See the shade of your smiling face, your smiling face
           	   D                                                   C
	  When you walk in through the door, a smiling face 
	  Like I never seen before

  A        C    G       D
  Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh  (Standing in the rain)
  A       C      G     D
  Aahhhhh, Aahhhh
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Verse 2:
	A                                   G                          D                     A
  	Standing in the rain, nearly washed the day away, then I think of you
	G                            D                            C                       
	 I know the sigh of your smiling face, your smiling face
           	 D                                          C
  	And it’s always here with me, smiling face
	 Well I wonder, could it be?

	  G       D           A                     Gm
	  I still know that I never gonna find you
	  G                    Gm            D                        C
	  But I do believe that you’re standing right behind
	  G            Gm       	 D                C 
	  Will I ever get the answer to my question
	  F#m 		G                D
	  Life will go on

	Dodo….Dodo……Dodo…… Dodo …. Dodo……

	Verse 3:
	A                         G                            D           A     
 	Lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling then I close my eyes again
	G                              D                        C
 	The only things that clear to me is your smiling face
                	 D                                             C
	 May be I should wake again, smiling face
  	May be I should let it end		
	Chorus  X2
	Dodo….Dodo……Dodo…… Dodo …. Dodo……

	G     	A   	    Bb	D
	The only thing is clear to me, is your smiling face

	G	A 		G 	D	A 			
	Never……Never………..	Gonna find you…..	Gonna find  you	
	Never  gonna find you

	G 	D	A	B
				Never Gonna Find you
	G	D	A	D	
	Fade out till end