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Eventually Chords

Listen to the CD to try to figure out how to pluck the strings.
If someone could tab this that would be excellent.

Am        G
Open your eyes

D        Am
Undo the seam

     Cmaj7    Em
It's not like before

     G          D
It's not just a dream

Am          G
A hint of a smile

D                     Am
As your hands touches mine

   Cmaj7  Em
No longer alone

  G         D
I feel them entwine
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Am G D Am
C  G D Am
C  Em G D


G  G/F# Em7

Am               G
I'm holding your hand

    D        Am
You say quietly

Cmaj7      Em
Baby don't go

G              D
Stay here with me

Am         G
So this is it

   D       Am
To you I belong

Cmaj7      Em
No more goodbyes

   G        D
We knew all along