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Red White And Blue Tab

The verse is an Asus2 arpeggio with a decending base line 
Tuned a half step down, clean electric (accompanied by an
acoustic after the first run through)
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E-------0------            -------0------            -------0------
B---------0----            ---------0----            ---------0----
G-----2-----2-- twice,then -----2-----2-- twice,then -----2-----2-- 
D---2---------2            ---2---------2            ---2---------2  
A-0------------            --------------            --------------
E--------------            -3------------            -2------------

finally, --------0------  Go back to the A base note for two more runs,
         ----------0----  and start over again

The chorus is just chords with little fills, and it goes:
  A  Emin  Dsus2 A Emin Bsus2 G  Asus4
But I'm not positive those are the correct forms for the A chord