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Wishing Well Chords


Stand atop the wishing well in the dark of the night.
Passing the time. Not a star in sight.
Not even one. Not one to make an empty wish on.
Cross my heart and hope to die. If I break apart with this lie.
The time keeps on passing but you remain the same.
 D                    G
And your love still remains.
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Dsus2                Gsus2(300230)     Em          G
I make a wish on a prayer as a tear falls down the well.
I never hear the fall. It's as if the wish was too tall.
I make a wish on a prayer. Hoping you're still there.
Don't give up on me now. Don't give up on my yet.

D                 G
Hindsight is always such a sight.
Inpredicting the weather and how things ought to be.
Send your rain and relieve me from this tongue twisted pain.


D                    B                G
I believed when they moved their lips. I didn't take my eyes off theirs.
All the right words and all the right convincing.
I closed my eyes and jumped in, spinning.
D                 B           G
Prologue to the foreclosure of a heart.
I see you at the top of the well with open arms and a smile.
At the top of the well.
You're wishing me well.